1. Ash has a privately owned company in Information Technology that has continued to make him financially secure for himself and family

2. For 15 years, he made a lots of profit overall in Network Marketing but all 8 companies eventually closed down. Three of them had owners that went to jail. Attackers of Ash are saying that Ash was an owner in those 3 companies, and some say he should have been jailed for promoting those bad companies.

3. Ash decided 4 years ago that there was no company then that could deliver what he thought was needed to be considered long-term business. Ash believed that the owners of some of those upstarts could not be trusted.

4. Ash decided to start his first company 2 years ago, that will be designed to help the 97% of participants who keep losing money in the Internet. In Onpasive, everybody wins

5. Indeed, Ash has the expertise to devise the current powerful Compensation Plan of Onpassive. He added the innovative idea of paying existing Onpassive customers

6. Ash then studied all the big companies and selected Apple to model because it is customer oriented while other biggies are profit oriented