Onpassive ” The Next Revolution In Internet Marketing”


1. Sooner or later, all internet users will be wanting to come in in ONP due to most advanced and lower priced tools and services = ALL 3.5 BILLION – will become lifetime users and ONP members, sooner or later
2. My signup source gets paid by me big EXTRA money so he will aggressively promote upgrades, at the beginning of his Invitee Link Signups Promotions, aside from me and my co-op participants also emailing them to upgrade in addition to the frequent follow-up emails from the ONP company. This is the best way to produce upgrades of Paying Signups, usually starting as Invitee Signups
3. Nobody but one BIG PROMOTER SCAMMER sells paying signups and is getting top-billing in the major Search Engines. Nobody can guarantee a signup to buy the product/service of marketer signup buyer

See Chart to order GF/ONP Personal Invitation Link Signups. You must send me your Invitee Link which i need to put inside our Co-op Rotator:

A. Send your payment to my Paypal Address:
Use the Support Tab to provide me your detailsn as a Co-op Participant, including your Personal Invitation Link
B. Not many are upgrading to Founder now but sooner or later, many will upgrade to the $25 Membership or higher levels, from your own follow-up emails and also from Onpassive emails, after the launch
C. I am paying my Invitee Signup Source EXTRA funds for him to immediately encourage all new Invitee signups to upgrade as Founders or later as Regular Members

Gofounder/Onpassive Co-op Ordering Chart

Invitee Signups


Delivery Length

Buy Now



4 Days



5 Days



7 Days



10 Days



13 Days