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Important News

Revised Compensation Plan = From Founder-Partner Bing Obaldo and Mathematician Founder-Partner Michael Williams

  1. We are unable today to provide any details about the New Comp Plan
  2. The Compensation Plan we have been discussing in the past 2 years is the best I have seen during my 45+ years in the industry, but now considered obsolete
  3. We have recently learned that it is a more powerful plan, which we will be revealed and will start using when ONPASSIVE launches in 2020
  4. CEO Ash has put together a Compensation Plan that is many times superior to the 3 X 10 company-wide matrix we were using in the last 2 years
  5. It will be “Revolutionary, Proprietary, Unique, and Private”
  6. No further information is available at this time beyond what Michael Williams said:

“A good comp plan…has to work for the little guy/newbie/no budget/minimal resource …but it has to work for the Heavy Hitter…the Superstar…it has to include Leverage…it has to pay Deep…Onpassive Comp Plan…is a BREAKTHROUGH and it is fully compliant to every law globally. The value is what is going to attract people/customers/resellers.”

“Ash’s New Comp Plan will absolutely remain a secret and, much more importantly, it will be amazing.”

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Old Compensation Plan 


Old Compensation Plan 

Old Compensation Plan 

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Important ALERT Notice: Gofounders / Onpassive income calculator is merely intended for illustrative and training purposes, and in no way guarantees any specific team growth pattern or income earnings. Simply to help you understand how the numbers work, it may be useful in your work planning as well.

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