1. Go to https://onpassiville.com OR
Get the Invitation Link URL from whoever told you to visit this sign-up page

2. Scroll to the bottom of Home Page

3. Click the lowest link at the bottom of Home Page, “Join now”

4. You will reach this Join now Page

5. Fill up Form to join Onpassive. Select your favorite email address. Password needs minimum of 8 characters with combination of numbers with small and large caps letters and symbols. Enter phone/cell number; enter your country

Enter inside the box the exact numbers/letters seen at the left of Captcha Box (to verify you are human)

Click “Sign Up”

6. After clicking “Sign Up”, you may have to wait a few seconds to see “Successful Result”. Click “OK”. Check your email to verify the link in email, to proceed

It will also tell you if you made a wrong entry. If unable to get a Successful Registration after 3 or more attempts, go back to Step 1 to start all over

7. Open the Inbox of your registered email address. Click the Green Button, “Click Here” in email to activate your account

8. Click “OK”, on the next page

9. Login your account to proceed, by going to: https://gofounders.net  – Look at your other options

10. After login in, you’ll see a page to pay your Founder Fee of $97. Best to use a Debit/Credit card to avoid delays. Using Crypto Currency, arrival of your funds to Onpassive can take up to several days to a week

11. After login in, you’ll see a page to pay your Founder Fee of $97. There is a $5 processing fee using a credit/debit card. Best to use a Debit/Credit card to avoid delays.

Form is pre-filled with your info:

A. Enter the first 4 digits of your card; this results in a Pop-up box where you must enter the CVC info from the back of your card. Click “Confirm” to populate the boxes in the Form
B. You must enter your billing card zip code
C. Click “Pay Now”

12. You should get this “Payment Successful Notice” Otherwise, go back to your last email from Gofounder to re-start the payment process

13. No need to click “Please login now”  button above. Otherwise you will get this message that you need to ignore

14. To Login to your New Account: https://gofounders.net