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This is to introduce myself to all Entrepreneurs. I have been a full time Internet Marketer since 2012, after I retired as a Diagnostic Radiologist following 40+ years of full time practice

From humble beginnings in a remote community in northern Philippines, I became a Medical Doctor after overcoming numerous high-barrier hurdles

I have been a serious student and participant of Network Marketing/Affiliate Marketing since the summer of 1975. The main reason was my burning desire to replace and surpass my high 5-figure monthly income as a full-time Diagnostic Radiologist, at that time

Like the 97% of the participants, I experienced multiple dismal results in at least 20 Marketing Businesses with few successful results in companies that survived a few months to 2 years’ time

My biggest success so far started in Nov 28, 1998 with the birth of Strong Future International. I became and still am the Top Producer of SFI which is now 22 years old. I have more than 3.3 million teammates out of a total of 9.6 million SFI affiliates

Wishing to attain Total Time and Financial Freedom and to establish a Legacy of Massive Wealth to help Humanity, I kept searching and applying New Discoveries in the Marketing Arena

In March 2020, I discovered this 2-year-old Artificial Intelligence Information Technology Innovation Business called Onpassive that
I quickly labelled as the Dream Business Opportunity Of Our Lifetime

I believe that I have the qualifications to create a powerful System that will complement the best business in the history of Marketing. The stated Goal of Onpassive is to help Humanity by creating thousands of millionaires and billionaires, in an automated manner, using Advance Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology that will result in Massive Disruption

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Simple Summary Presentation Of Onpassive

  • Facts that will show why and how Onpassive will become the largest Company in the world within 4 to 5 years
  • Become a Founder-Partner Now of Onpassive is similar to becoming  Founder-Partner then of the original CEO-Founders of 3 or more of these well-known companies, as of today

  • You are urged to pay attention, at least to speed read this page and watch my presentation video
  • ONP is days away from starting the Marketing campaigns – Soft Launch first for founders to start making money. Major Launch follows when all Systems are going – weeks away but everybody had been repeatedly told and expecting to be in 2020

In the Thursday Founder Webinar of 8-13-20, Ash Mufareh announced:

A. Two Headquarter locations in India for Technical engineers to soon total more than 1000; two more USA office locations aside from Orlando, Florida and two other country headquarters, to start soon, regarding other countries

B. Ash announced 17 Top Founders to get top of the line laptop computers or phone and 52 other winners from the ONP Gift Store – to start shipping them globally with shipping fees paid by ONP. The employees of ONP are now getting the same FREE gifts from the company. These same Big and Smaller Item Gifts for founders and employees are already scheduled for the remainder of 2020 and 2021


  • ONP is a unique company that will treat founders, employees and soon regular referral members and customers – as Company Policy being practiced now – even before the marketing campaigns start.

Four Unique & Powerful Advantages Of Onpassive

1. Self-funding = Founders, Associates and Customers select from dozens (soon hundreds) of digital tools and services which are proprietary and top-of-the-line. Pay once a low monthly fee. Everybody earns fast enough to pay for the second month and becomes profitable soon thereafter

2. Onpassive will Force You to Be Successful = company will do the marketing, selling, recruiting, follow-up emailing and team building for you and all your teammates. Action from any Onpassive Member/Customer is optional although the magnitude of their success and the speed of its arrival get expedited by their action. It is expected that all Founders, Independent Associates and Customers will naturally share their joy to everybody around them, when profits start and keep rolling in

3. Targeted Traffic using Artificial Intelligence is provided by Onpassive, focusing on Home-based Entrepreneurs, chosen from its large database as well as using established Large Networks with updating Databases

4. Customers are treated as Royalty, 24/7 globally. By doing easy short steps, these customers become Independent Resellers and soon start earning revenue that keep increasing in amount, in an automated manner using Artificial Intelligence

****** Sheer Volume of new customers that ONP brings to us, like millions per week is like turning on and off a spigot. Onpassive has tested its own traffic sources and got amazing results. We will be impressed by the growth of our own team at Launch

****** Projected Expectation of when one will earn $5K per month if one just participated in paying the needed Membership Package Fees of $25 OR the maximum $900, one-time, aside from the founder fees of $97, $5000 per month, in 1 to 15 weeks from Launch is the  likely possibility. It is dependent on how long ago that specific founder joined, as well as to the amount of spillovers the founder gets.

Unlimited Income Potential In Onpassive

  1. Company can pay commissions any way it wants. Onpassive is the only Company that pays its customers to use its products, due to the ingenious Compensation Plan
  2. Compensation Plan is 3 by Infinity Matrix which allows unlimited income potential, since Onpassive allows multiple positions in the Matrix, at any chosen time interval
  3. Company allows multiple Founder Positions before and after the Soft Launch and also after the Major Launch
  4. Today, several Founders have more than 100 positions. This is a powerful advantage which is not allowed by other Network Marketing Businesses
  5. Company allows multiple Independent Reseller Positions or Combo Positions after Launch. Customers can easily become Product Resellers to start earning income.
  6. Company rewards us 3 Extra Positions after reaching a certain number of personally sponsored founders/members, as an encouragement to own multiple positions
  7. In Onpassiville, we all teach our team members to keep adding new positions, using profits
  8. In Onpassiville, we all teach our team members to pay the entrance fee of anybody we like to join our team, using our profits, as long as the new member promises to do the same, using profits
  9. Above 2 Items are applying duplication techniques that were never practical to use before

*** At Pre-launch, you can lock in your Founder-Partner position for $97. At the Soft Launch, the price will go to $149 Founder fee. At the Major Launch, the Founder fee will likely become $997, if still available

*** At the Major Launch, Customers and New Independent Referrers can join Onpassive at the $25 or at the Higher Membership Packages 

*** Security Breach Protection using Artificial Intelligence is of paramount importance to Onpassive

*** 336 YouTube Videos from Up-line Team Leader/Builder Mike Ellis and Partners Marty Degarmo and Dan Street made in the last 16 months are educational. “Onpassive Nation” Videos will be posted in YouTube

ONE KEY FAQ: Will Onpassive be bigger than Facebook, Apple or Walmart?
ANS: Onpassive Growth at launch will be mind-blowing. More exciting news will be announced near launch time

Disclaimer Policy

Important ALERT Notice: GoFounders income calculator is merely intended for illustrative and training purposes, and in no way guarantees any specific team growth pattern or income earnings. Simply to help you understand how the numbers work, it may be useful in your work planning as well.

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Bing Obaldo

Founder-Partner Of Onpassive
SFI First Diamond Team Leader


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