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Temporary Tools Listing and Descriptions

  • Advertising – to drive business and attract customers
  • Calendar Schedule – integrated event scheduling platform
  • Chat – a communication platform
  • Contact Manager – for bulk email and advertising
  • Crowd Funding – platform to create crowd-fund account
  • Daily Funnel – new funnel everyday to provide traffic to your site
  • Digital Marketing – platform using AI to digitally advertise
  • Domain Name – name for your site, chosen by you and branded to you
  • Email Marketing – campaigns to brand our customers
  • Flexible Wallets – digital wallets. Crypto, fiat, bank cards, etc.
  • IP tracker – a tool that provides a hostname, location, etc., about an IP address
  • Liquid Hosting / Liquid Responsive Designs – website layout and hosting design that automatically adjust to screen resolution and provides scalability
  • Live Events – real-time events, like webinars or video hosting
  • Market Place – a single place to access and purchase IT commodities and services
  • Mass Bulk Mailing – ability to send email to large groups in a single mailing
  • Mass Marketing Campaigns – campaigns that appeal to an entire market
  • Merchants & Cards – bank accounts with cards that accept payments
  • Millionaires Club – club with only OPASSIVE millionaires as its members
  • Multi-businesses – ability to host multiple businesses under a single “umbrella”
  • Office abroad 1000 – Total Global Leaders as based on attaining certain criteria
  • Onpassive Webinar – ONPASSIVE proprietary webinar platform
  • Payment Transfers – transfer ONPASSIVE funding internally and externally
  • Print Shop – tools for creating marketing materials
  • Private Inbox – an in-box that is personal to the customer’s branding
  • Residual Income For Life – Income generated perpetually for an active account
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization done for your websites for better organic traffic
  • SMS & MMS – Plain text and text-with-media texting capability
  • Support For All – Tech support is available to all buyers and re-sellers
  • TrimURL – ONPASSIVE’s proprietary URL shortening tool
  • Triple Entry Bonus – another bonus that is built into the compensation plan
  • Video Chat – face-to-face conversation via webcams & dedicated software
  • Video Conference – participants able to communicate in sound & vision
  • Video Mail – an email message with a video clip attached
  • Video Marketing – marketing that integrates video into marketing campaigns
  • Viral Sharing – marketing strategy that is spread person-to-person via social media
  • VPN – secure tool to extend a private network across a public network
  • Website Builder – tools that allow website building without manual code editing

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List Of Onpassive Tools And Services

Newest Tool To Be Added In The List Is “Connect Me”

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