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4 Types Of Onpassive Participants Today

According To Founder Bing Obaldo, M.D.

1. Initiators = Leaders who now fully believe that Onpassive will help humanity. We are now going fullblast because we want now to be close to the top of the Company Matrix, building and helping the Company which does 98% of the work. We agree with Ash = “This Is A Done Deal!

2. Early Followers = They get somewhat inspired to follow the Initiators and Founder-CEO Ash Mufareh but not too passionate yet to recruit more than 1 member, if any. They get overly excited and will begin to promote after they start getting paid daily automatically

3. Late Followers = Slower followers and too careful to recruit anybody and just prefer to wait for the Major Launch, with many people already cashing in, before they start to share the good future of Onpassive

 4. Late Joiners = they prefer to wait 5 to 20 years after launch before they do anything for their future

Revolutionary Company That Forces You To Become Successful Without Any Recruiting, Selling And Team Building While We Use Its Proprietary Products.

Summary Of Your Needed Onpassive Action

We Teach Everyone In Our Team To Use PROFITS To Keep Adding New Revenue Centers By Making Periodic Membership Packages Purchases, Of At Least Five Packages, Every 6 Months

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